Types of Commercial Vehicle Insurance in Fresno

Lion Insurance Services offers a variety of commercial vehicle insurance options in Fresno to tailor coverage to your specific needs. Here’s a breakdown of the most common types:

Cargo Freight Insurance

Safeguard your transported goods against loss or damage.

Truck Liability Insurance

Protect against the costs associated with injuries and damages your truck may cause to others.

Insurance for Truckers

Cover the risks truckers face daily, ensuring peace of mind on the road.

Insurance for Semi Trucks

Coverage for semi trucks, addressing the unique needs of heavier vehicles and higher risk exposure.

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At Lion Insurance Services, we specialize in safeguarding Fresno’s commercial fleets with unmatched expertise and a deep understanding of the trucking industry.

For over a decade, we have led in providing tailored commercial truck insurance solutions that cater to each client’s unique needs. Our rapid claims processing and exceptional customer support minimize downtime, ensuring smooth operations.

Our Tailored Insurance Solutions

General Liability Insurance


Protect your business against significant financial liabilities that arise from accidents involving your vehicles. This comprehensive coverage ensures you’re protected against the high costs of third-party injuries and property damage.


1. Bodily Injury Liability: Covers the costs associated with injuries to others caused by your vehicles in an accident, including medical expenses, lost wages, and legal fees.


2. Property Damage Liability: Takes care of the expenses to repair or replace damaged property of others, ensuring your business doesn’t suffer from unexpected financial burdens.

Lion Insurance Services|Commercial Truck Insurance in Fresno
Lion Insurance Services|Commercial Truck Insurance in Fresno

Insurance for Truckers

Designed specifically for truck operators, this insurance covers all aspects crucial to the operation of commercial trucks on public roads. It offers protection from various risks including accidents, natural disasters, and theft.


1. Customized Policies: Tailored specifically to the needs of truckers, ensuring all aspects of your operations are covered.

2. Comprehensive Coverage: Includes collision and liability coverage, along with options for additional protections like cargo insurance.

Insurance for Semi Trucks


Semi trucks face unique challenges on the road due to their size and the nature of the goods they transport. Our insurance for semi trucks is designed to address these specific needs.


1. Heavy Vehicle Focus: Coverage that understands the higher risks associated with operating large vehicles.

2. Specialized Add-ons: Options for towing and repair which are crucial for semi trucks, ensuring minimal downtime.

Lion Insurance Services|Commercial Truck Insurance in Fresno
Lion Insurance Services|Commercial Truck Insurance in Fresno

Truck Liability Insurance


This essential service provides coverage for legal liabilities arising from accidents involving your trucks, which might cause injury to others or damage to their property.


1. Legal Protection: Helps manage the costs of potential lawsuits following an accident.

2. Essential for Compliance: Meets legal requirements for truck operators on the road.

Car Insurance for Commercial Vehicles

Specifically designed for cars used in a business context. This covers both personal and third-party risks when the vehicles are used for business operations.


1. Business Use Emphasis: Ensures that cars used for business are covered under both personal and business usage conditions.

2. Modified Vehicle Coverage: Includes additional coverage for modifications and specialized equipment.

Lion Insurance Services|Commercial Truck Insurance in Fresno
Lion Insurance Services|Commercial Truck Insurance in Fresno

Cargo Freight Insurance

An indispensable service for businesses that involve transporting goods. This insurance protects against the loss or damage of cargo while in transit.


1. Comprehensive Cargo Coverage: Protects against common risks such as theft, loss, and damage.

2. Customizable Terms: Flexibility to choose coverage based on the value and nature of transported goods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bodily injury liability is a critical component of commercial truck insurance that covers the costs associated with injuries to others when your driver is at fault in an accident. 


This includes –

  • emergency medical expenses
  • ongoing medical treatments
  • compensation for lost wages
  • legal fees associated with defending claims. 


Our coverage ensures that your business can handle these financial burdens without disruption.

Yes, in the United States, commercial auto liability insurance is required by law for all vehicles operated for business purposes, including trucks. Each state sets its minimum coverage requirements that must be met. This insurance is essential to comply with legal standards and protect your business from significant financial liability.

Absolutely! We highly recommend increasing your liability coverage limits beyond the state’s minimum requirements. Higher limits provide better protection against the potentially steep costs arising from severe accidents, which can include extensive medical bills and significant property damage claims.

Using a vehicle for business purposes typically exposes the vehicle to higher risk compared to personal use. This can influence the cost of insurance premiums. Factors that affect the premium of auto insurance for business vehicle include:


  • Mileage
  • Vehicle Type and Usage
  • Driver Factors
  • Coverage Needs

Lion Insurance Services offers cargo freight insurance as an additional protection. This insurance is crucial for businesses that transport goods, as it protects against risks like damage, theft, and loss during transit, ensuring your business continuity and reputation remain intact.

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