As a trucking business owner, you rely on your vehicles to transport goods, employees, or yourself. But what happens if these vehicles get in an accident?


Commercial vehicle accidents can be costly in terms of damages and injuries. Your motor carrier business could suffer from financial loss if you or an uninsured motorist in your employment were deemed responsible for the accident.

In addition to property damage, third-party injuries can cause a range of medical expenses and lost wages.


Lion Insurance offers commercial auto liability insurance to protect your trucking company from financial loss in case of a commercial vehicle collision. This commercial auto policy will cover the damages and injuries that your vehicles cause to other drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and vehicles.


Body Injury

This portion of commercial truck insurance covers the truck driver who is deemed at fault for causing body harm to a third party. It includes:

Emergency and other medical expenses of the third party

Loss of income that may result from the injury of the third party

Funeral costs in case of death of the third party

Legal fees for the policyholder in case of a lawsuit

Property Damage

If an at-fault driver causes property damage, this portion of the liability car insurance policy includes the following: 

Repairing or replacing damaged vehicles of the other drivers involved in the accident

Repairing or replacing other forms of property damaged by the policyholder – mailboxes, buildings, or fencing


In the United States, every motorist is required by law to have car liability insurance, including commercial drivers. Each state determines the minimum amount of coverage that a motorist is required to carry.

Drivers can buy more liability coverage than their state’s minimum – in fact, they’re highly advised to do it since medical expenses can be quite steep.

Lion Insurance Services|Liability
Lion Insurance Services|Liability

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Does this policy cover the expenses of the damaged motor vehicle of the at-fault driver?

No, auto liability insurance does not cover repairs or replacement of the at-fault driver’s business vehicle.


Are there any liability car insurance coverage limits?

Yes, each state provides a dollar limit on each component of the auto liability coverage (the maximum amount of money the insurance company can pay out), most notably: a liability limit for bodily damage per person, for bodily damage per accident, and for property damage.


What is gap insurance?
Gap insurance refers to a different type of coverage.

Gap insurance coverage options are best for drivers of expensive vehicles that will likely lose value relatively quickly.

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