Shipping goods is a risky business.


You’re constantly worried about the safety of your cargo and you don’t want your trucking company to be liable for any damages or losses that may occur during transit.


Truck Cargo insurance from Lion Insurance Services will protect your company from any losses that may happen during transit. This commercial truck insurance policy covers the liability of the motor carrier in case of damage or loss to goods, including lost or broken contents, as well as stolen articles for specified trucks. If you’re looking for peace of mind when shipping your goods, be sure to get a Truck Cargo insurance policy from Lion Insurance Services.


Our truck insurance policy covers the following:

Cargo liability – loss or damage of goods due to fires, crashes, collisions, thefts, etc.

Legal liability – in case of a lawsuit for the loss of cargo, your legal expenses and settlement costs are covered.

Removal expenses – in case of an accidental dump of cargo on the road, this section of the policy covers potential pollutant cleanup, debris removal, freight charges, etc.

Earned freight coverage (contractual penalties) – if your trucking business is charged for not delivering the lost cargo by the customer, these expenses are covered.

Your valuable cargo will be safe while en route to the destination and while being held at terminals, awaiting distribution.

Coverage Extensions

If you’d like additional coverage options, such as in the case of spoilage due to freezing or heating equipment breakdown during transportation or docking, we offer motor truck cargo coverage extensions to meet all your needs.


Motor truck cargo insurance is highly recommended for the following vehicle types:

● Flatbeds

● Box trucks

● Car haulers

● Cargo vans

● Dry or refrigerated trucks

Even though this type of insurance is not required by law (such as car liability insurance), plenty of truck operations and risk managers mandate cargo insurance.

Lion Insurance Services|Truck Cargo
Lion Insurance Services|Truck Cargo

Motor Truck Cargo Quotes

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Are all types of products or property covered by motor truck cargo insurance?

Specialized insurance might be required for the following types of products:

Money, art, jewelry, or paper

Alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals

Radioactive or explosive materials

Livestock or live animals

Goods or property owned by the insured party

Please contact our customer support for more information on what type of products are covered by our policies.


Once the truck cargo reaches its destination, how long is it covered by this type of insurance?

It can be covered up to 72 hours after it reaches its destination.


Are there any inspection requirements?

The motor vehicle that transports insured cargo needs to be inspected before and after the trip.
This inspection includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Air lines
    Fuel tanks
  • Horn
  • Tires
    Windows, and more

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